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Interstate Deposition Subpoena Service, Inc. is a New Jersey based for-profit corporation.  Its principals are Tony Klein of San Francisco, CA and John Perez, Esquire of Newark, NJ.  Individually, they own and operate process serving companies in their respective states.  Collectively, they have combined their knowledge and expertise to provide to the legal community a unique and valuable service in the area of interstate deposition subpoenas.John Perez, Esq. is a New Jersey lawyer has been operating New Jersey Legal Support Services for several years, offering process serving and subpoena services throughout the country. He has written several publications on service of process in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Illinois, and interstate subpoenas, and has conducted seminars throughout the country on a variety of topics.

Tony Klein operates Attorney Service of San Francisco and Process Server Institute, and has been a process server for 40 years. He has published The Registered Process Server’s Guide to Service of Process in California, The Registered Process Server’s Guide to Service of Writs of Attachments and Writ of Execution, and the Affidavits and Proofs of Service Requirements Guide. He continues to conduct process serving seminars throughout California, and has made presentations throughout the country on a variety of topics.

Both have had extensive experience in facilitating the preparation of interstate subpoenas, and participated in the discussions when the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws formulated the Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act in 2007.

Interstate Deposition Subpoena Service, Inc. can assist legal practitioners and professional process servers with properly obtaining and serving out-of-state deposition subpoenas in any state or federal jurisdiction in the United States. Through membership in professional associations, affiliation with professional process servers, attorneys, court reporters and foreign language interpreters, Interstate Deposition Subpoena Service can provide professional local services anywhere. Simply contact us at 800-981-0088, or avail yourself of the products and services on this site.

Tony Klein
Interstate Deposition Subpoena Service, Inc.
4083 – 24th St., #460038
San Francisco, CA 94146
F: 415/495-8730


John Perez, Esquire
Interstate Deposition Subpoena Service, Inc.
56 Park Place
Newark, NJ 07102
800/ 981-0088
F: 866/400-4194

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